Empowering Small-Scale Farmers While Promoting Agricultural Practices

Go Green

Go green is a circular economy concept by Exceed24 to make sure that the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs are considered in Agribusiness models. Exceed24 provides tools to groups and organizations (including customers, suppliers, government, and the community). For instance, sustainable value chain, eco-products, bio-fertilizer and organic food.


Urban Farming

The production of fruits, vegetables and herbs provides the household with direct access to important nutrients that may not be readily available or within an economic reach. For example, garden at home, rooftop greenhouses or vertical farms increases the diversity of foods, which can also be a source of income. Through a short training that Exceed24 provides with tips and tricks, we make sure your urban farm is successful!


Community Garden

A community garden can be urban, suburban, or rural. It can grow food, flowers and also herbs. But significantly it helps build strong communities by stimulating the economy and providing a mutually beneficial experience such as enriches the ties between members of the community. Exceed24 provides technical support and facilitate the creation of a garden for a community. Please check our Kiryandongo Women’s Garden.


Carbon 2 Soil C2S

The Carbon2Soil or agricultural Carbon Capture, usage & Storage (CCUS) represents an alternative Agri-sustainable model. The practice is geared to equitably benefit (poor) smallholders as well as CO2 emitters. The Carbon2Soil practice is arranged, organized and managed through so called Carbon2Soil REACH Centres located in the midst of small holders’ communities of approximately 150 farmers, each holding 1-2 hectares land. Exceed24, Fairchar and Young Adult Empowerment Initiative YAEI 10 years ambitious:

  1. 350 C2S R&T operational centres
  2. 1,000,000 tons of CO2 from the air
  3. 20,000 ha of land restored
  4. 1.4 million trees planted
  5. A better life for 50-75,000 people

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