Red Onion Creole

Red Creole has great onion flavor and crisp texture that’s perfect for cooking or eating raw in salads. Once harvested and cured, those onions will store for 2-3 monthhs.

Thick Flat Shape
Small Size
Dark Red
Medium Early Maturity
Long Storage
Very Pungent
High Yield

Red Bombay

Bombay onions are best suited for both raw and cocked applications such as grilling, roasting, braising, caramelizing, and picking. The red bombay onions can be chopped and tossed into leafy green salads, minced into salsa or guacamole.

Variety for dry and warmer conditions
150 days maturity from transplanting
16 tons per acre

Red Onion Amposta

Red Amposta is one of the best onions for sweet flavor with larg bulbs that store well after harvest. It produces large, copper-red, globe-shaped onions with pretty red and white rings in a wide variety of conditions.

Deep Globe Shape
Large Size
Brown to Red
Mid Early Maturity
Long Storage
Very Pungent
High Yield

Sweet Corn Samyra

The newest variety of corn seeds is the F1 hybrid variety sweet corn with beautiful golden yellow grains.

Strong Emergence
Flexible Planting Window
Broad Environmental Adaptability
Excellent Lodging Resistance
88 Days Maturity
78'' (198cm)
18 - 20 Rows
High Yield

Carrots Nantes

The carrot is deliciously grated in salad or sliced in soaps. The roots are long, cylindrical, and well regular. This variety takes 100 days to mature and can produce between 14-7 tones per acre. An acre piece of land requires 2.5Kg of seeds.

Cylindrical with rounded tip shape
Orange Color
Medium Early Maturity
17-20 cm
High Yield

Watermelon Crimon Sweet

A common variety of stripped watermelon. Has a light green rind with broad dark green stripes. Maturity period 90-120 days. Average fruit weight 7-9 kg. Yield potential 25-30 tones per acre. Good shipping quality and resistant to extreme heat and Root-knot Nematodes. Resistant to drought and various soil types.

Round to slightly elongated shape
Mid Early Maturity
11 KG
Distinct light and dark green stripes
Vivid Red, Very Sweet
High Yield


Cabbage Gloria F1 is a popular hybrid species that was bred by Holland breeders. The high-yielding variety is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has high immunity.

Peasant Test
Attractive Appearance
Diseases Resistance
Medium Early Maturity
Long Storage
High Yield

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