Helping Small-Scale Growers

Exceed24 provides agricultural input and integrates farm methods to help small-scale growers in Africa overcoming obstacles that arise from market-oriented farming. This will be implemented through providing Agri-coaching, seeds of high quality and technology.


About Exceed24

Exceed24 limited is start up Agri-Social Enterprise that aims at providing agricultural services and farm input to help small-scale growers in Africa turning their farms into agribusiness. This will be implemented through providing extension work, high quality seeds and farm equipment’s.





The core of Exceed24’s seeds sector is bringing back indigenous grains, and produced them in an ecological manner that supports the local environment into the domestic market. Exceed24 also striving to find suitable seeds with a recognized international label which will help farmers turn farms into agri-business.


In corporation with Amelia Agro Africa Ltd, Exceed24 provides farmers with new methods that helping farmers starting feeding the soil and preparing growing beds. We add one wheelbarrow of planting compost per square meter to add NatuLogic - The Natural Approach BioNPK and organic matter. There is also a good percentage of biochar in the blend to promote bacterial habitat and to reduce the acidity of the soil. To repel the nematodes and termites, we have also included diatomaceous earth in the formulation. After seeding we shall mulch with bagasse. We shall shortly share updates about the germination rate and how the plants are performing.

Organic Farming:

Compost is an organic fertilizer that can be made on the farm at very low cost. Exceeds24 gives information about how compost can be applied in the tropics and subtropics. It gives a simple description of the processes taking place in the soil and during composting. Practical suggestions are given for constructing a compost mound. A simple selected compost methods and applications are given. Compost is decomposed organic matter, such as crop residues and/or animal manure. Most of these ingredients can be easily found around the farm. For more info, please contact us..

Carbon Farmers:

The Carbon2Soil or agricultural Carbon Capture, usage & Storage (CCUS) represents an alternative Agri-sustainable model. The practice is geared to equitably benefit (poor) smallholders as well as CO2 emitters. The Carbon2Soil practice is arranged, organized and managed through so called Carbon2Soil REACH Centers located in the midst of small holders’ communities of approximately 150 farmers, each holding 1-2 hectares land. For more info please contact us.